Garden design

You have carefully arranged your house according to personal style and enjoyment. Here you can sit back and feel free in your surroundings. Let us make your garden into a space you can call your own.


We believe that a garden is a personal piece of nature. That is why convenience and luxury are key to all our gardens. With your preferences – and your children’s wishes – as an outlook, we create a beautiful design, which enables you to unwind in your garden.

Professional advice about the possibilities and a creative outlook on the interpretation of your style provides your garden with the feeling you are looking for.

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Download our brochure with inspiration and ideas for the design of your garden here:


We make garden designs in all shapes and sizes. Invite us to your garden for a conversation about your preferences and our capabilities in ensuring the desired outcome.

We would like to prepare for such a visit in advance. So, if you are interested in a conversation about your garden, request a Quotation using the button.

This is how we always want to work

Before we put pencil to paper, we would like to get to know you: what are your wishes and what is the current situation? That is why we are happy to visit you.

In general, we work out for you the possibilities for the layout of the garden that you have in mind.

With that sketch we describe alternatives, your desired quality level and a cost estimate of the work. We also propose a garden designer that best suits your project. This is without obligation.

In a detailed garden design we make a creative elaboration of your wishes.

The design includes a layout of your space, the paving, placement of structures and yard boundaries and, of course, the planting. The cost of creating this design depends on the size of your project.

You may already have a sketch design, which still needs to be worked out. Do you already have a detailed design? Then we skip that phase.

Based on the garden design approved by you, we work out the implementation plan for our gardeners, including:

  • an exact description of the plants and materials to be purchased
  • dimensional drawings and installation diagrams
  • work and planning
With this we can also finalize the final budget. Costs are associated with the careful composition of this Implementation Plan.

After your final choices from the Implementation Plan, we draw up the final budget. After your approval, we will make agreements about the start and completion of the execution in an Order Confirmation.

We carry out the Construction within the agreed terms. We will of course discuss any deviations due to unforeseen circumstances or changes at suppliers with you.

During one year after completion, we will visit you twice more and discuss how the garden is doing (everything grows, after all!).
Of course we can subsequently assist you with garden maintenance (see garden maintenance).

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